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Tradewinds Sea Horse Stud Earrings Tradewinds Shell Stud Earrings Tradewinds Starfish Stud Earrings
Tradewinds Sand Dollar Stud Earrings Vanessa Mooney The Moonlight Earrings Vanessa Mooney The Legends 3 Earring Set
Vanessa Mooney Only In Your Dreams Silver Moon & Star Earrings Vanessa Mooney The Francis Earrings Vanessa Mooney The Audrey Earrings
Lucky Star Jewels Venus Earrings Luv AJ The Mini Tusk Double Earrings - Rose Gold Luv AJ Mini Punk Stud Hoop Earrings Gold
Skinny by Jessica Elliot Initial Necklace Chibi Jewels Beaded Diamond Earrings Sole Vintage Filigree Deco Watch Face Earrings
Sole Vintage Balance Cock Earrings Full of Grace Celestial Earring Chibi Jewels Mau Cat Stud Earrings
Chibi Jewels Crescent and Blossom Earrings Chibi Jewels Moroccan Star Earrings Sandy Hyun Leather Rhinestone Earrings nude
Sandy Hyun Obilsk Rhinestone Earrings lilac Dalita Cordon Earring -Classic Mercado Global Solo Earrings
Mercado Global Maya Earring Vermeil -turquoise Gamine Hoda Spike Dangle Skinny by Jessica Elliot Initial Necklace
Chibi Jewels Large Crescent Earrings Chibi Jewels Large Starburst Earrings SonyaRenne Mini Posh Earrings

Buy Earrings Online from Cameo Nouveau

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to elevate your personal style? The assortment of statement earrings found on this page are designed to complement a variety of looks and styles. With a range of earrings from trendy designers like Vanessa Mooney and Chibi Jewels, finding your next favorite pair of earrings is easier than ever. The Greek island turquoise earrings display strikingly blue shapes that are surrounded by a circular linked chain of gold plating. For a more delicate look, a pair of silver moon earrings by Vanessa Mooney create a fantastic and magical look.

Gypsy Earrings & Other Styles

Choose from a wide variety of styles to create a unique look and turn heads everywhere you go. These boho earrings are perfect for dressing up for a night on the town or for a casual beach date. Wear your hair in an elegant French twist or a messy top knot to really show off your cute beaded earrings. Whether you’re looking for something to dazzle in your little black dress, or just need some everyday earrings that no one else has, Cameo Nouveau is the perfect place to find your next piece of ear candy.